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Below are the photos that appear in the print version of Fire Girl.
                   Click on the photos to enlarge.

My Original Redwings

Whitmore Station. Dining Hall on left
Barracks on right

My first call
The back of the truck.
Whitmore Garage Bays
Putting out a hay
fire in Alturas. I'm on the right.
Shasta College Boxing Club
Jan an Lauren front and center
Training with Keith, my boxing coach
Shasta College paper
Shasta College Cross Country team. Jan trailing behind with shin splints
Jan at Whitmore
Jan with her trucker hat and knife
De-greasing the trucks
Working on the trucks at Whitmore
Changing the flat on the Whitemore Fire
Truck Washing at Whitmore
Whitmore station turned into a huge fire camp
Jan's big interview
Whitmore Fire camp

View from South Fork Lookout Tower

View from South Fork Lookout Tower. Very smoggy looking over Redding towards Mt. Lassen

Jan working on a brush crew after Whitmore
The patch we wore on our uniforms
Fire Girl Jan
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