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Jan's daring start as a firefighter was just the beginning of her unconventional life.  She went on to become a professional musician touring the country, singing in rock bands and even got a chance to sing for the God Father of Soul, Mr. James Brown at his annual Grammy Celebration in Los Angeles.


In her 30s she became a radio broadcaster working at various radio stations as an on-air personality and traffic reporter in a small fixed-wing airplane.


In her 40's she became a professional rodeo trick rider performing at rodeos and events in California.   


Her career path took her back to working for the State of Californa where she retired in 2014 as a state Media Spokesperson for various agencies.


These days, Jan hikes the high Sierra and continues to make music and art! (adventure and music) (art)


She lives on a small ranch in Northern California with her husband Alex. 


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