My Native Inspired Regalia is all hand beaded. Some of it is done on a large loom, and other parts are sewn, two beads at a time with needle and thread!  All parts are removable and are backed with Elk Hide (SOFT). The more ornate bridles have horsehair and sheepskin. I also use real turquoise and pheasant feathers. Bridles can take from 1 to 6 months to make depending on the one you choose. The bridle in the video below took approx 6 months.  Each bridle comes with a certificate of authenticity. 





Bridle #1  Simple but Beautiful

1 inch on the side pieces and 1.5 inches on the brow band with  simple conchos with turquoise stone and feathers.    $300.00.

Bridle #2  Kicking it up a Notch

2 inches on the side pieces and 2 inches on the brow band with a turquoise stone and feathers. $600.00


Bridle #3  Now you are Making a Statement!

2 inches on the side pieces and 2 inches on the brow band with conchos made of turquoise stone, sheep wool, feathers, and dangle beads at end of side pieces.  $1000.00

Bridle #4  The Show Stopper!

2 inches on the side pieces and 3 inches on the brown band with forehead drop piece. Everything you see in the below video is included in this bridle. It's a masterpiece.  $1500.00


As I can pretty much do any sort of design, I suggest you go to Google Image and search for "Indian Loom Beading Designs"  You will see many designs.  Pick one and let me know the colors you like. Keeping in mind the color of your horse and what would stand out best. Paints look awesome with the white, black, blue scheme as you can see!  

Take a look at the photo gallery.  these are all of the bridles I have sold in the past.  I can also make hatbands, bracelets, headbands, etc. 

****I require 1/2 no refund deposit to begin work. If buyer  is unable to pay the balance within a designated time after bridle completion, buyer forfeits  bridle and deposit.



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